Pocket Option Switzerland Review

Pocket Option Review Switzerland

In 2017, Pocket Option was founded. It’s a multifunctional trading site with everything you’ll need to make money in the market. Pocket Option offers beginners a trial trading account and analytical materials for experienced traders. In addition, Pocket Option Switzerland offers its online trading platform to Swiss traders for Binary and Digital Options trading in Switzerland. Our team has thoroughly analyzed Pocket Option to present Switzerland to this Pocket Option Review.

Advanced computer and technical research tools, as well as comprehensive account management, are available. In demo mode, newcomers can practice trading. In addition, the service offers a number of specialized strategies in addition to copy trading.

Those who use it to trade can also use different types of payment systems, which are especially useful for foreign investors around the world. You must read more about this broker to determine if it is the best broker for you.

As a result, we’ve put together this in-depth Pocket Options review to show you what this binary options trading platform has to offer. This will help you determine if it is possible to use this platform for trading. We will cover Pocket Options Switzerland Review and discuss in detail the advantages, disadvantages and features of the platform in this article.

Swiss traders prefer the Pocket Option online trading platform due to

  • Regulation: IFMRRC
  • Minimum deposit: $50
  • Minimum Trade: $1
  • Trade Platform: Web, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Bonus: 50%
  • Payouts: 128% Max
  • Trade Types: High/Low, Turbo
  • Number of Assets: 100+
  • Social Trading: Yes
  • US and UK Traders: Accepted
  • Demo Account: Yes

Pocket Options, owned by GembellLimited, entered the world of binary options trading in 2017 and has made a splash in the market ever since. The International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC) regulates this broker based in the Marshall Islands.

Pocket option trading
  • Bonus: 50%
  • Payouts: 128% Max
  • Trade Types: High/Low, Turbo
  • Number of Assets: 100+
  • Social Trading: Yes
  • US and UK Traders: Accepted

Although binary options brokers often have a bad reputation due to their high-risk involvement, Pocket Options is one of the safest and trusted brokers in the industry. Creating an account is easy, and the trading platform works well for both new and experienced traders.

Pocket Option offers trade opportunities to thousands of people worldwide with over 100 assets available to trade and plenty of payment methods to accommodate international investors. This Pocket Option review will help you decide whether you want to be one of them as we go over the types of accounts you can get, their assets, and other special features on their platform.

Pocket option trading


As with their trading accounts, Pocket Option offers one trade type. In addition, however, they offer the quickest way to get an impressive payout.

Pocket Options Switzerland makes trading easy with high / low options, the easiest of all binary options trading types. All you need is to set the expiration date for the asset you are trading in and predict whether the value of the trading asset will increase or decrease at the expiration date.

pocket option


Pocket options are known for making high payments in the binary options market. The minimum you can get is 50 percent, while their average is much higher. For successful high / low predictions you can usually expect to earn between 80 and 100 percent payouts.

The Pocket Options website says you can get up to 218 percent payouts, which is virtually unheard of. Even leading binary options brokers usually only announce a 200 percent maximum payout.

Keep in mind that high/low trading, in general, pays you more than other types of binary options trading, such as ladder/pair options. Sixty-second trading with high/low options can introduce you to the Pocket Options platform and increase your account balance in minutes. However, it is important to be careful with high / low options, as many unsuccessful trades can quickly turn you into red.

POCKET OPTION REVIEW SWITZERLAND – How to Open the Account and Types?

When you first sign up for a broker, you need to read a lot of details and spend time deciding which trading account is best for you. The analysis may include determining whether to be conservative with a preliminary identification account or to spend more to maximize the benefits of the broker.

It’s easy with pocket options. You can train or trade for real currency. You can either open a demo account and trade with virtual funds or create a live account with real money. If you only like one real account it becomes equal and you can trade with confidence so that everyone has equal rights.

quotex sign in
  1. Demo Account

Not all brokers sell a binary options free demo account, and most of them won’t let you use one without first registering. Instead, you’ll have to provide them with sign-up details and funds from a live account. Pocket options takes a far more laid-back approach; all it takes is one click to start investing with virtual funds.

Experienced traders can use it to see if any of the claims regarding this platform’s high payouts are valid. If a user is dissatisfied with this forum, they will quickly exit, which is far better than withdrawing funds from a live trading account and closing it. Try out the Signals, Telegram Bot, and Social trading feature in a Risk-Free Demo Account of Pocket Option Switzerland.

An inexperienced trader can use the trading platform to learn the art of trading. However, many who enjoy the free demo will register for a live account.

quotex trading platform

Live Account

For those who want to jump directly into the Live Binary Options Trading Marketplace, you can open a live account like $50. You may want to start with a demo account and then move on to a live account. However, regardless of your skill level, you are advised to use a trial account to familiarize yourself with the new platform.

As long as you don’t open a live account you can start trading at as low as $ 1 and you can trade over 100 different trading instruments including stocks, indices, commodities and currencies. The Tournament, Cashback, Indicators and Signals, Social Trading, Achievements and a comprehensive educational support section are just a few of the account features you can access.

Deposits and Withdrawals

When you first visit the website, you will find everything you need to know about deposits and withdrawals. You will find that you have a variety of deposit options, including debit and credit cards, e-wallets (Skrill and Neteller) and even cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin, as well as other well-known currencies, are all accepted. Also, they receive over a hundred different types of payments.

As mentioned earlier, the minimum deposit is only $ 50, and the minimum withdrawal is only $ 10. Also, unlike certain brokers, Pocket Options does not charge a fee for deposit or withdrawal. Pocket Options Swiss accepts credit cards, debit cards and wallets and withdraws funds. It is also a good idea to think about any transaction or currency exchange costs from your provider or bank as these will be included in your earnings.

Switzerland Trading

Pocket Option accepts almost any primary form of payment, including:

  • VISA Cards
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Swiss Debit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • ZCash
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • WebMoney


When you open a live account with pocket options, you can get 50% deposit bonus on your initial investment. The purpose of this deposit is to entice new traders so that they open an account for the first time to make large deposits. Note that the minimum initial deposit is $50 and the value of each exchange is $1

After logging in to Pocket Options locally, the trader is given a promotional code for their first deposit, resulting in a 50% bonus on $50-5000 deposits. The money collected does not affect your right to earn or deposit. However, if the total amount of the deal is 25 times the total amount of funds received, you can withdraw the bonus.

Trading Interface and Compatibility

Website Browser

No matter what device you’re using, the website is user-friendly. Easy on, and it is kept simple and intuitive. For example, before you get to a trading site you need to go through a tab, whether preview or live real money version.

The mobile website trading platform works well and can be seen in portraits or landscape orientations. After a few minutes of using the online trading site, you will notice that the app installation is outstanding. This is due to the nice interface as well as all the features included in the desktop version of the mobile app.

Special Features

Pocket Option has tons of unique features to enhance your trading experience. While writing this Pocket Option Switzerland Review, we analyzed all the features and found the following features worth recommending. With a live trading account, you have access to features like:


Most users want to know ahead of time that an app they’ve used on the web is still available on their mobile devices. Pocket Options has an online portal and mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones.




These versions are available for those who select to use the dedicated software. To download the app and start your trading on the go, no matter what device you’re using. It put the three smartphone applications through their paces and found them just as robust, well-designed, feature-rich, and user-friendly as the web-based versions. As a result, pocket Option meets Switzerland’s best Mobile trading platform demand.

Pocket option trading

Social Trading

Social trading is one of the most valuable features of Pocket Option, especially for new traders. It allows you to watch other investors’ trading habits and see which ones produce successful results. Then, once you find the most skilled users, you can learn to emulate their online trades for better odds on yours.


The Pocket Options Tournament allows you to compete against other traders for prizes. Of course, this is not like social trading because the latter is not a competitive system, but you will still see how you stack up against other traders.

In tournaments, you have opportunities to win prizes and achievements. Rewards vary, but some can deposit up to $ 50,000 into your account, which you can then use to trade.


When you gain through tournaments, they are not a fancy badge to show off your trading skills. Achievements can be worth as much as $ 50,000 in prize money. Also, you will get trading benefits.

You can earn a payout percentage bonus, trading funds and other benefits that accepts you to improve your pocket option trading experience and increase your chances of making a big profit.

Indicators and Signals

Pocket Option Trading shows you when it turns and when prices increase or decrease as you watch the market. Signals and indicators keep you up to date on when you’ll get the most out of a potential trade.


On the website, customer service is always open. A potential trader should contact the various departments via email, launch a live chat, or call the toll-free number offered. You can provide a message directly through the contact form.

Pocket Options is the best broker for those who want to trade demo quickly. Traders will appreciate the outstanding performance of the site. This is an excellent starting point for beginners due to its low minimum deposit and trading costs. Pocket Options has a basic portfolio interface that offers traders a level playing field for binary options.


When you’re thinking of trying a new binary options broker, you want to make sure they have enough features to give you the best trading experience you can get. So what does Pocket Option have that sets it apart from the rest?

  • Instant deposits and 24-hour withdrawal processing
  • Social trading, tournaments, and achievements
  • Over 130 assets to Trade
  • 50 percent deposit bonus
  • Demo account with no sign-up commitment
  • Available in 22 languages
  • $1 minimum trades
  • Accepts traders from the US
  • Regulated and trusted


Despite its appeal with tons of assets and unique features, Pocket Option broker isn’t without its problems. Let’s look at what might hold you back from online trading with them.

  • Simple trading platform
  • Only one type of account to trade with
  • Not licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • High/Low is the only trade type

Hot Tournaments

The idea behind this competition is that a group of people with the same balance trade for the same product. The winning dealer is the one who makes the most money. The tournament is held by brokers both for a fee and for free.

Everyone has their own rules for registration, entry fee and prize pool. The number of registered traders determines the size of the prize pool. Tournaments are open to all vendors without any funding. They will have a chance to win up to $125 in prize money. As a result, traders can start making money without making significant investments.


In 2017, Pocket Option was registered in the Marshall Islands as a broker. In addition, the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center issued the company a certificate verifying the excellent quality of services.

It belongs to the independent authorities overseeing financial trading activities on all possible financial markets.

6 Useful Tips for New Traders to Trade Binary Options at Pocket Option

Select the Right Binary Options Broker

I can’t stress the importance of having the right broker by your side.

To get yourself involved in a successful journey that involves trading binary options, you need to find a trusted partner. A legitimate, professional, reliable, and honest partner will surely make all the difference. At the same time, it manages with due diligence and does not rush to make decisions based on internet promotion. As a rule of thumb- it looks too good to be true, then it probably is, and you should stay away from it.

Lastly, remember that the right binary options broker is probably not the best, but will meet your needs.

Get Knowledge in Binary Options

If you enter the Binary Options domain, you must remember that it is like any other trading model, something you need to study and research.

Successful binary traders understand that there is always more to learn and you need to invest a lot to learn if you want to make a profit on your account.

Reading new books, taking new courses, talking to other businessmen, you should have a cup of tea among others. Furthermore, the binary option is a constantly evolving experience; therefore, knowledge is constantly expanding.

Binary Options is For the Long-Term Benefits

Best things happen to those who are willing to wait. So don’t go into binary options if you are looking for a quick rich-quick scheme. Instead, take a passive strategy and wait a while for the benefits to reap.

Remember that the trading market is very volatile, and traders are always tempted to make money in a short period of time, which is why most traders lose their investments.

Develop a Trading Strategy

If you fail to make a trading plan, you are planning to fail.

Successful users or traders have mastered the art of controlling their emotions. They know how to resist the urge to be attracted to fads that do not fit their overall strategy. To stay safe, develop a step-by-step approach to the market and achieve your goals.

Risk and Money Management is Vital

Most newcomers tend to walk away from the market to score that big. However, experienced traders emphasize that self-regulation is crucial to winning.

If you want to be serious about binary options, you need to dominate your e-wallet and be a risk management professional. It is advisable that you do thorough research on this subject and invest with courage and rational thinking.

 Have Fun

We can’t afford to take everything in life too seriously- by all means, we have plenty of pressing issues.

It’s essential that Binary Traders have Fun, and ensure the process does not become a bore or a drag.

In any case, if you have fun trading, you’re likely to naturally get inclined towards the Trade, pay more attention towards the Online Trade, make more decisions, and consequently increase your profits.


Both new and experienced traders will appreciate the features of the pocket option. This is a great start, and they are strongly recommended for their minimum deposit and trading fees. This is further enhanced by the opportunity to earn payouts up to 128 percent. So, the statistics are fine, but do they provide other important cases as well?

In conclusion, we are pleased to recommend Pocket Option as a binary Option’s broker because of its simple account structure and fair play area for binary options traders. In addition, they are a good option for both new and seasoned traders because they have a healthy trading experience from any perspective.