Pinstripes binary strategy

Most trading experts agree that the use of indicators in the analysis of market fluctuations is the most efficient and simple method of making forecasts for binary options. That is why we offer you to try Pinstripes trading system — a set of highly effective and finely tuned analysis tools that will allow you to obtain lucrative statistics of the market where more than 85% of the option transactions are closed with profit. In addition, Pinstripes binary strategy is versatile and easy to use.

Pinstripes trading system :

Setting the indicators –

This method of creating forecasts for binary options uses indicators with a single format of construction and operation, as well as indicators with a wide range of settings. It also applies an “insuring” indicator which filters false trading signals. To apply this strategy to an asset quotes chart, use the following tools:

• SMA indicators with operating periods of 5,10,15, 20 and 25

• Indicator MACD 25/50/7

By applying the above settings, you get the analysis of the market fluctuations over a wide time range: the indicators show short-term trends, corrective swings and medium-term trends in the movement of the asset. With this set of indicators of trading performance, one can create highly accurate vector forecasts for binary contracts. Once the Pinstripes indicators are set, the chart should look the following:

Pin Stripes strategy

Pinstripes binary strategy. How to use it properly .

Strong performance of the Pinstripes trading strategy is ensured not only by the accurate settings and combination of well-designed analysis tools, but also by the technical functionality of the specialized trading terminal, as well as the trading conditions set by the binary market broker. Pinstripes trading system provides the highest yields when applied under the following technical and trading conditions:

• Professional trading platform

• Set of indicators

• Highly volatile trading assets

• At least 80% return on contracts

• Highly precise asset quotations

• Maximum rate of registering positions

• Minimum possible conditions for trading, optimal balance between the price of contracts and the amount of initial trading capital

The required technical functionality and optimal trading environment with minimal parameters are the features of the binary trading platform developed by the Binomo broker, the platform we highly recommend if you wish to trade with the Pinstripes strategy. Apart from the professional trading terminal and a high-speed trading mode with accurate market quotations, the trader gets an opportunity to trade under most moderate conditions: the minimum deposit is 10 USD, the minimum amount of an option contract is 1 USD.

Pinstripes Binary strategy. The signal system

Indicators that predict the growth of the asset (i.e. binary call option) look the following:

• Lines of the SMA indicators gather in one point and turn upward

• The MACD indicator lines (or the “oscillator lines”) cross upward

PinStripe Up

Indicators that predict the fall of the asset (i.e. binary put option) look the following:

• Lines of the SMA indicators gather in one point and turn downward

• The MACD indicator lines (or the “oscillator lines”) cross downward

PinStripes down

The above mentioned indicators of the Pinstripes binary strategy prove most effective when used for trading contracts with return rates of 60 to 240 seconds. Expiry dates should be adjusted according to the volatility of the trading asset.

Money management :
Even the high level of efficiency and accuracy of this trading system’s indicators can not completely protect the trader against losses. However, certain money management rules can help minimize the risks and losses.

To secure the deposit while using the Pinstripes trading system, trader should apply the following risk management rules:

• When trading with the minimum operating deposit, limit the trading risks by choosing the minimum value of contracts established by the broker
• When trading with significant operating funds, limit the trading risks by choosing the value of contracts less than 3% of the total amount in the trading account


NOTE: This article/material is not an investment advice.